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Vision Machines Inc. is a leading provider of machine vision systems and technology.  Located in Eastern Massachusetts, Vision Machines is an authorized machine vision system integrator for HexSight, Matrox, DALSA Coreco, National Instruments, and Cognex, among others.  We work with OEMs and end-users on applications spanning a broad spectrum of industries.
VMI offers a full range of solutions, from complete turnkey systems to system integration and consulting services.  We also offer several application-specific solutions including color inspection and particle analysis.
With years of experience designing and building machine vision and robotics applications, VMI is well-equipped to provide a sensible, cost-effective solution to your imaging or automation project.
Our strengths include custom software development, vision and image analysis algorithms, and lighting and optics solutions.  Our staff constantly stays on top of the ever-changing world of machine vision technology to provide our clients with the best possible machine vision solutions.
VMI maintains a fully-equipped in-house vision laboratory, with numerous machine vision and image analysis software packages.  We provide free application evaluations and feasibility studies, and we can assist with your system specification if you need it.
In short, Vision Machines knows machine vision technology, and we are committed to total customer satisfaction!
Marc M. Landman is the President of Vision Machines Inc. and has over 25 years experience in the development and integration of machine vision and image analysis technologies.  Educated at the State University of New York and Boston University, Mr. Landman has performed research in the areas of 3-D vision, color image recognition, and particle analysis.  Mr. Landman founded Vision Machines in 1998 after holding a number of positions in the machine vision industry including a role at the pioneering vision company Octek Inc.
 Jul 2009            Vision Machines Partners with LMI Technologies as an Authorized Distributor  
 Jun 2009            Secure-A-Lot "Sticker-less"Sticker System Saves Municipalities Big Bucks!  
 Dec 2008            Vision Machines Develops Automated Sieve Certification System and Particle Analyzer  
 Nov 2005             Vision Machines Introduces MatchIT Color Inspection System