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Recent articles in trade publications which have highlighted Vision Machines:
Secure-A-Lot's Vision System Sticks It To Trash Scofflaws
(Mass High Tech, July 24, 2009)
In the town of Plymouth, the trash transfer stations are cleaning up with technology born of the machine vision systems usually found in the clean rooms of chip makers.  Startup Secure-A-Lot was spun out of Bedford-based Vision Machines Inc. a decade-old company that makes and installs machine vision systems for clients such as
Read the rest of the story here.
Inspecting Oranges using Color Vision
(Photonics Spectra,  March 2000)
Applications for machine vision abound in the food processing industry, and many newer ones take advantage of color vision inspection technology.  As an example, consider the inspection of oranges for surface defects and proper coloration.  Though challenging, today's vision systems can properly grade oranges, sorting the good ones from the discolored and damaged ones.
Find out how such an inspection system could be designed, in The Perfect Orange.
Sophisticated Software Helps Machine Vision Check Bank Notes
(Vision Systems Design,  November 1998)
New U.S. currency contains sophisticated security features designed to deter counterfeiting, such as microprinting, watermarks, and fluorescing threads.  An inspection system developed by Vision Machines is used by the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing to inspect the notes for watermarks and security threads, using a Cognex vision system.
To view this article, click here or order a reprint from our literature request page.
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