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MatchIT Color Inspection System
MatchIT is a vision system which combines color video imaging and digital image analysis. With it, you can inspect and measure multicolored, patterned, and textured objects with ease!
MatchIT has numerous advantages over other color measurement and vision systems:
    Inspect complex multicolored or patterned samples based on color and texture
    Image without restrictions on sample size or viewing geometry
    Train by showing examples
    Rapidly scan large samples with no data analysis required
    Recognize objects and analyze appearance based on color and texture
    Classify, verify, grade, and find defects with no programming!
    Measure color (RGB, HSI, or LAB) and texture
    Check appearance of virtually any material or product
    Analyze at a variety of spatial resolutions, with advanced pattern matching and learning
    User-friendly color texture analysis software
    Easily adaptable to new applications
MatchIT is ideal for quality control and R&D tasks, and can be configured for both online and offline inspection applications.
Inspect your samples with the world's easiest-to-use color vision system!                           CONTINUE>>
Automated Color-Texture Inspection System
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