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Series 100        Microscope
Series 200        Light Box (shown above)
Series 300        Camera Stand
Series 400        Online System
Choice of camera, optics, and lighting within each series. MatchIT supports a wide range of digital and analog color cameras.
MatchIT software is also available for purchase without any hardware.  Please contact us for details.
Contact us for a free application evaluation!
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MatchIT Brochure (1.9 MB)
Product Presentation
     PowerPoint Format (12.8 MB)
     Shockwave Format  (1.3 MB)
Technical Presentation
     PowerPoint Format (18.8 MB)
     Shockwave Format  (2.8 MB)
MatchIT Presentation.pps
MatchIT Presentation.swf
(The Vision Show East 2006)
Color Texture Recognition - VSE2006.ppt
Color Texture Recognition - VSE2006.swf 
PowerPoint presentations may be viewed in PowerPoint or PowerPoint Viewer
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