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Page Verification System (PVS) from Vision Machines provides fast and accurate identification of printed pages on all types of media.  PVS continually scans pages and immediately alerts operators and connected devices in the event of an incorrect or defective page.  Operating at speeds of over 11,000 pages per hour,  PVS handles printed text, graphics, and photos in black and white or color.  Each PVS unit is a self-contained vision system, with a dedicated processor and no external computer.  PVS units may be networked for remote access and contain digital I/Os for direct connection to other factory automation devices.  Setup is simple—just scan several pages at the start of each new job and you’re ready to inspect!
PVS installs easily on saddle stitching, binding, collating and many other machines, making it the ideal solution for all signature recognition applications.
Key Features:
    Retrofittable to existing machines
    Self-contained unit with dedicated CPU, no external computers or control boxes required
    High quality imaging in monochrome or color (has CCD image sensor not CMOS)
    Signature recognition detects incorrect, defective, and blank pages
    Fast operation, can handle more than 11,000 signatures/hour per unit
    Extremely accurate, uses machine vision pattern recognition for near-zero error rates
    Networkable cameras, allows remote configuration, viewing, and access over LAN or internet
    (even wireless network!)
    Fully programmable, easily extensible for new features or entirely new applications
    Units are portable, and can be switched to new lines or stations
 DOWNLOAD DATASHEET         Page Verification System (pdf)
Optical Page Scanner with Print Verification and Signature Recognition
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