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Evaluations and Feasibility Studies
Vision Machines will evaluate your application in our fully-equipped lab at no cost to you.  Through the use of sample parts or images, we assess the application and provide you with a prompt and accurate quotation.  In many cases, we can demo the basics of the system to you using deployment hardware and software.  While most applications can be quoted following this process, complex applications may require additional feasibility studies.
Algorithm and Software Development
Vision Machines has developed and installed dozens of machine vision systems and has extensive experience in vision algorithm and software development.  Our staff knows, and has used, the tools that comprise successful machine vision applications.  From cutting-edge technology to tried-and-true techniques, you can count on Vision Machines to deliver vision software that performs to your requirements.
Vendor and Equipment Selection
With Vision Machines' extensive knowledge of the machine vision market, you can be sure that the proper equipment is selected for your application.  From cameras to frame grabbers to illumination equipment to complete vision systems, Vision Machines integrates the industry's most reliable and high-performance equipment into successful vision applications.
Lighting and Optics Design
At Vision Machines, we consider proper illumination and optics a critical component of the overall system.  From the right light source to the right camera and lens, Vision Machines will make sure that your system delivers the kind of images that will guarantee high performance and reliability.
Installation and Machine Integration
Vision Machines provides expert on-site system installation and can integrate your vision system with other factory floor equipment.  So, if your application requires sensors, material handling or fixturing, reject mechanisms, or data communications, Vision Machines will ensure that all the pieces work together.
System Specification and Design
We can assist you in preparing a comprehensive functional specification.  Our "Machine Vision Application Requirements Checklist", available upon request, will begin the process of specifying a machine vision system.  Once completed, this worksheet allows us to perform an application evaluation, and forms the basis for a more thorough functional specification.  You can rely on the staff at Vision Machines for expert advice on system design.
Training and Support
Following installation, we provide on-site training for your staff in the operation and maintenance of the system.  All necessary documentation and user manuals are provided and ongoing technical support is always available from Vision Machines.
Vision Machines can develop and install an entire turnkey vision system, or we can work with you on specific aspects of your imaging or automation project.  With many years of system integration experience, Vision Machines is the fast way toward a successful machine vision application!
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