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Vision Machines introduces MatchIT Color Inspection System!
MatchIT is a unique system for the inspection of multicolored, patterned, and textured materials.  Combining the best attributes of color measurement instruments, vision systems, and image analysis software, MatchIT provides color, texture, and appearance measurement and inspection capability not previously available.  To learn more about MatchIT, visit our Sales Page.
Vision Machines releases Sieve Certification System!
Sieve Certification System is an application-specific optical measurement system for the certification of wire mesh test sieves in compliance with the ASTM E11 or ISO 3310 standard.  Capable of inspecting sieves with openings between 20 microns and 12.5 mm, the Sieve Certification System features rapid scanning, NIST-traceable calibration, and full statistical analysis of both openings and wire diameters.  Compared to other methods of sieve certification such as narrow distribution glass microspheres, this system is faster, easier to use, and avoids wear on the critical reference microspheres.
As always, we look forward to serving your needs in machine vision and image analysis.  Please email, fax or call us with any questions and we'll be happy to provide you with more information.
To learn more about Sieve Certification System, visit our Sales Page.
Read the press release here.
Vision Machines establishes Remote Vision Online Service!
Remote Vision is the latest way to provide web-based pre-sales services, technical support, and training to all our clients.  Using GoToMeeting web conferencing software, Vision Machines can offer services such as product demonstrations, feasibility study results, presentations, remote troubleshooting, and customer training.  Up to 15 people may simultaneously participate in online meetings, with convenient PC screen-sharing and audio conferencing capabilities.